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We are aware that apart from having a protective function, a solid roof crowns the whole building and is a highlight of a house. That is why we offer you a thorough service of metal or tiled roof painting.

Professional roof painting consists of paint removal, cleaning and degreasing of a roof, impregnation and protection against corrosion. Sydney is an enormous construction service market. It is important to choose people who are precise, and renowned and trust them with the renovation of this most important element of a building.

We use spraying units in order for tight and thick layer of paint to keep the warmth effectively inside the house and provide security to the household members. Roof painting in Sydney? Only with the help of Vakker

Roof painting in Sydney? For the best in the business, Vakker should be your go-to!

We use spraying units in order for a tight and thick layer of paint to keep the warmth effectively inside the house and provide security to the household members. Our experienced team of residential painters can take care of all your requirements, ensuring the job meets your standards and is completed in a timely and professional manner. From roof painting services, lead paint and asbestos management to commercial and strata complexes, we’re equipped to handle it all.

Vakker roof painting stages explained

When it comes to roof painting, our team follows a strict process that ensures optimal long-term results. Here’s how we break down our services:

  1. Cleaning — Before we put our brush into the paint, we clean your roof surface with a pressure washer to ensure all traces of debris, moss and dirt are removed. Once it is smooth and ready to be painted, we check if there are any potential issues such as cracked and damaged tiles or leaking areas. We will not move onto the roof painting stage unless these issues have been addressed and raised.
  2. Repairs — After identifying potential issues that could impact our painting job, we conduct all necessary repairs, whether a broken ridge or a stubborn trace of rust that runs across multiple tiles. We can also apply a high-quality fungicide that will leave no lichen or mould on the surface.
  3. Final inspections — After this phase is complete, we will ensure your roof is dry and dirt free before we begin our roof repainting services.
  4. Painting begins — We use high-quality paints that can withstand Australia’s tough environmental conditions, so your roof will remain in prime condition for many years to come.

How to choose the right colour for your roof

When it comes to selecting a paint colour for your roof, your guttering, fascia, garage door and driveway should be considered. If the roof is a dominant feature of your home, it’s important to opt for a colour that doesn’t overshadow the overall aesthetic of your style. That’s why your exterior palette should include two contrasting colours and one unique accent. This guide should give you a rough idea of the colour shades to select depending on where your home is based.

  • By the beach — Opt for whites and sandy colours
  • In the city —  Consider muted colours like black, grey or white.
  • In the country — Choose prevalent colours like green, blue and yellow that belong in the same pallet.

Gallery section

Our experienced team offers a complementary colour selection service to our clients, so you can rest assured you’re finding the best shade for your roof painting in Sydney.

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With a team of professional painters who can cater to your individual needs, Vakker should be your go-to for all roof painting services in Sydney. If you’re interested in finding out more, fill out our online contact form down below to begin the process today.


  1. How much does roof painting cost?

    Roof painting in Sydney and any other place in Australia requires a detailed knowledge on the subject of choosing the appropriate materials, but also on Occupational Health and Safety procedures. It is one of the reasons why the prices differ so much - they depend on the slope angle, the material covering the surface or the demand for using more expensive products. We kindly invite all our clients to get in touch with us for a free evaluation prepared by a qualified painter.

  2. Do you offer any other roof services besides painting?

    Our company offers professional roof painting, but we can also replace the crumbling mortar, seal cracks, replace old or damaged roof tiles and even take care of water damage restoration.

  3. What products do you use?

    Depending on our clients' needs and expectations we offer a large variety of products for roof painting from renowned brands, such as Dulux, Emer-Clad and Taubmans. We are able to suggest paints, which are going to meet your requirements and fit into your budget.

  4. Do you provide a colour consulting service?

    We offer professional advice concerning the colour selection to our clients without a charge. We also provide them with free samples of a painted surface measuring 1 m x 1 m. Even though we may suggest certain solutions, the final say in the matter belongs always to the client.

  5. How long will it take for a roof painting job to finish?

    We usually perform roof painting in Sydney in one or two days, however it may take longer in case of bad weather conditions, but also because of the slope of the roof and its size.

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