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Curious to learn more? Here are some of the most common questions we hear day to day.

Yes, because a painting company that has many positive testimonials is definitely more reliable. In our opinion, you should expect at least 10 affirmative opinions, because otherwise, there is a risk that few references that a contractor has come from his co-workers or acquaintances, rather than actual clients.

It happens that other companies involve subcontractors or day laborers while providing a service, what helps them to gain more money thanks to the exploitations of their clients. We carry out all the painting projects with our employees only, therefore, our prices are lower.

We believe that in order to work as a painter you must be really skilful, well-trained and up-to-date with the latest techniques and the most effective materials, because this is necessary to make the final result stunning and solid at the same time.

One cannot become a professional just by reading an article in a magazine or website. It is obligatory to be taught the appropriate procedures and then practice them to achieve the highest level of perfection possible. The training must be led by a true professional, who has run many painting projects himself.

Involving subcontractors or/and part-time workers is very likely to have a negative impact on the standard of the final effects, due to the lack of proper practical and theoretical preparations.

It happens that a painting company lets them to learn the job while carrying out the service for you. We consider it to be very unprofessional and probable to fail, voiding a warranty.

In our opinion, giving a quote in a distance, without visiting a property personally, is not reliable and a client may be easily deceived in this way, so you should stay away from such offers.

Therefore, we refuse to tell the exact quote via a phone call. The conditions that affect the amount of work and, as a result, the price, are so various that they cannot be estimated just by talking. We claim that it is better to meet in person, when we can examine the surfaces and textures thoroughly and discuss all the details with you more conveniently. Then, you will obtain a written, precise quotation, which includes all the aspects of a service, including not only the painting process itself, but also, all the essential preparations.

It is hard to give a clear answer to that question, because there are no identical projects. The predicted dates of a start and finish will be included in our individual offer, prepared for your particular building. When we start working, we keep on doing it every day till the end of the renovation, unless there are some uncontrolled conditions that do not allow us to continue, such as extremely bad weather.

We will provide you with magnificent painting services, both inside and outside, as well as professional finishes. We are always honest with our clients and inform them about all the prices in advance, without adding any hidden costs. If you associate residential painting companies with low quality and common delays, you should know that we always challenge that stereotype!

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