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You can find here additional information on the type of work that we do, the amount of time we usually need to get it done, the materials we use, and much more.

Two ways to successfully complete your project:

1. The first solution we suggest is free of charge financial evaluation. The price is based on the detailed analysis of the state of the building, the materials required and amount of work that needs to be done. We prepare a comprehensive evaluation that includes the activities and the resources that are needed for successful completion. To book a free and non-committal quotation contact us.

2. The other option that you are provided with, is employing us on the basis of an hourly wage. Below, we present you with the prices of services grouped according to the type of work:

Service Price
Painting & Decorating
$80/Ph + GST
Roof painting
Quotation only.
High pressure cleaning
$120/Ph + GST
Quotation only.
$80/Ph + GST
General house cleaning
$45/Ph + GST
Windows cleaning
$55/Ph + GST
Commercial cleaning
$55/Ph + GST
Colours and materials advise
$500 + GST Per one consultation

Given prices do not include the cost of the materials needed.

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