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Commercial Painting Services in Sydney

Vakker Australia consists of professional tradesmen that are always eager to carry out your commercial painting projects in Sydney and nearby. Our firm has already completed various projects of this kind, ranging from offices, interiors of buildings, social housing, hotels to hospitals. The workers we employ are experienced in the most efficient techniques, in order to provide you with a stunning final effect. We always use the finest materials and work within the industrial standards.

Thanks to our qualified commercial painters from Sydney, we are able to execute every project within the set schedule.

New construction painting Sydney

Vakker Australia is a firm that has broad access to qualified tradesmen. We sustain contact with product manufacturers as well as operate the highest quality equipment. Thanks to a wide network we are able to provide the right amount of workers to carry out projects in the set timeframe while keeping to a reasonable price.

Painting cooperation Sydney

If you decide to cooperate with us, we will really appreciate your choice. Hence, we provide you with very beneficial discounts.

There is also a possibility to call for a long-term cooperation with our commercial painters from Sydney. Architects, construction enterprises or real estates are more than welcome to contact us. We will explain you the details over the phone or in an e-mail.

On Board

Acra-tex texture coatings Sydney

It can be observed that painting companies in Sydney use Acra-tex materials more and more often, because it makes it possible to keep the final effect for long, without any serious damages. Namely, these paints do not change under the influence of rain, wind, sunbeams or variable moisture. As they stop the sun rays, the temperature inside a room may remain low, even if it is hot outside.

It is worth to remember that Acra-tex paints need special trainings and experience, thus it is good to choose a commercial painting company that have mastered its usage, like Vakker Australia.

Work at heights Sydney

Our commercial painters can reach every part of your building, even if it is very high.

We have all the necessary qualifications and trainings for this kind of work, including high risk and rope access licenses, as well as EWP tickets.

Even if a task involve hiring scaffoldings, our prices will be remarkably low. Moreover, we always work in accordance with all the Australian regulations and norms.

Two pack Epoxy floor Sydney

It is common that those clients who own huge warehouses or halls invest in 2 pack epoxy paint, as it is a perfect way to enhance floors made of concrete. By painting them, you keep them neat and, what is more, make them resistant to chemical substances. This is also a great method to avoid moisture and fungus. Apart from all these advantages, painted floors simply look more aesthetically.

You do not have to worry that forklifts or heavy vehicles will damage them, because we always use materials which are resistant to traffic.

Waterproofing Sydney

Building waterproofing is extremely important, if you want to be safe from water damages.

It is known that 83% of building complaints concern such problems, while the installation of such enhancements accounts for 1.8% of the construction cost only.

If you have noticed that there are water damages in any surface of your property, give us a call and we will tell you what the problem is, as well as apply the adequate techniques and materials in order to eliminate it.

Gyprocking and plastering

No matter how damaged your property is, we can bring a new life to it. In order to make it look beautiful again, we can provide you with specialistic gyprocking and plastering services. It is of the highest importance for us to match all your expectations, hence we use high-standard products and always do our utmost to achieve impressive and durable final effects.

We can fix any problem with water and rust damages, a cracking plaster or any other issues of this kind. Just contact Vakker Australia and we will tell you how we can help you.

Roof painting all around Sydney

As professional Sydney painters, we offer you a wide range of services. It includes, among other things, comprehensive roof painting. Again, we prepare the surface first, by removing all the sand, algae and other contaminations.

We will notice every crack or gap and we will seal it, so that it could cause no harm. We always take into consideration the kind of a surface we are working on and adapt the right product for it. In order to work efficiently, our commercial roof painters use the most innovative spray machines.

Spraying services Sydney

We always work in accordance with the latest standards, thus we also have spraying tools and machines. We employ true professionals only, so as to make sure that all your demands will be perfectly met. First, we will examine the surface thoroughly, what makes us able to match the most adequate materials.

Elimination of graffiti Sydney

We can remove graffiti from any surface, 100% efficiently. At the same time, a wall will not be harmed in any way, because we always avoid any side effects.

Call today to familiarize yourself with our offers.

High pressure water blasting

No matter what contaminations are blemishing your building, we will get rid of them all. With the help of high pressure washers, our highly qualified employees will clean the dirt, algae, spider webs and not only.

Lead paint and asbestos management Sydney

It should be remembered that such substances like asbestos or lead paint may be harmful for both your property and your health. Therefore, it is advised to eliminate them as soon as possible and we are willing to do that for you. There is a special fraction of Vakker Australia that will provide you with specialistic asbestos and lead paint removal.

Finishing wood with varnish Sydney

We prepared water and oil based varnishes for clients who are looking for a natural finish of their hardwood floors.

As experienced residential and commercial painters from Sydney, we work according to the highest standards. We also take care of the preparation and the finishing of other wooden surfaces, such as doors, window frames, decks and even outdoor furniture.

Maintenance painting solutions

It is better to prevent damages than to wait till they appear, so we are also offering you regular conservation and safety services. It is not a problem for us to repair prior painting mistakes and to provide your property with constant care, what will reduce the frequency of repairs.

Do not hesitate and give us a call, so that we could explain all the details to you.

Interior and exterior painting services

It is no wonder that the level of skills and experience may differ among commercial painters throughout Sydney. However, with us, you can be certain of good investment.

In order to meet all your requirements, we carefully select the best materials for a particular task and constantly update our knowledge in this field. You do not have to worry about the right combination of patterns and colours – we will be glad to help you with that. In our work, we always follow the instructions provided by manufacturers, because in our opinion, this is the right way to achieve superb final results.


Frequently Asked Questions

The main task of a commercial client is to give us access to the building and train us in the field of rules and principles associated with a particular building site. It is worth to know that we provide them with free quotes based on individual needs and particular plans.

In order to count the cost of a commercial work, we need to analyze the plans received from the customer and it is dependant on the size and the level of complexity of a given task.

Commercial clients tend to hire their own architects or color-consultants most commonly, however, in case of smaller works, we sometimes help them to select the most optimal paints and other products.

We have cooperated with numerous commercial clients so far. We have painted townhouses, blocks of units, retirement houses, cafes, shops, schools and more. We are not afraid of any challenges and we are willing to hear about your project!

Our commercial painters from Sydney are highly experienced in cooperating with builders. What is more, we can provide you with a free quote, inspections and consultations at the building site. We are fully licensed and insured, so that we could offer legal and safe painting services. Apart from that, we always meet the deadlines and fulfil our contracts completely.


We have already done hundreds of paintings. Read what our customers says about us…

Testimonial 1

They were friendly, punctual, called me back to ask if I had any inquiries, and highly professional. I already booked them for another job next week and I would definitely recommend them to other people.

Kathy – Seafoth

Testimonial 2

Radek (Owner of Vakker Painting) is the best painter I have ever employed. His work was exemplary and the extra touches were beyond my expectation, these included cleaning windows, tiles and benches as well as continually clearing the mess from sanding and painting. The major benefit was that Radek was on-site during all the works and the completed the majority of the work. I have no hesitation recommending his services.

Lyndon – Bondi Junction

Testimonial 6

(Owner of Vakker Painting) is the best painter I have ever employed. His work was exemplary and the extra touches were beyond my expectation, these included cleaning windows, tiles and benches as well as continually clearing the mess from sanding and painting. The major benefit was that Radek was on-site during all the works and the completed the majority of the work. I have no hesitation recommending his services.

Ian – St. Ives

Testimonial 5

Excellent from start to finish, You guys were terrific. All painters worked hard and did quality job. Good attention to details, house looks great!

Rebekah – Vauclusse

Testimonial 4

We were very impressed with Vakker service. Prompt response, follow up faultless, explanation of what was going to be done and what products were being used. The experience has renewed my faith in tradespeople. I have recommended Vakker to 2 other people already and asked for a quote to paint the whole house.

Glen & Yvonne – Engadine

Testimonial 3

Vakker Australia did a wonderful painting job. I am very pleased! They were very enthusiastic, cleaned up after themselves and no negative issues whatsoever!

Narelle – Pennant Hills

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