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Our painting company from Sydney provides comprehensive repair and renovation services in the city and its suburbs. We carry out professional repairs of apartments, offices and rooms in public facilities. We always strive to prepare our projects efficiently and on time. We have a variety of modern equipment at our disposal. Our team consists of qualified and experienced employees – specialists in various fields. Our painting contractors gained valuable experience and knowledge through the number of project that we have worked on. The crew stays in touch with the clients and provides them with professional advices throughout the entire process to be able to answer any questions and modify the plans according to their wishes and suggestions.

Painting works are an important stage during each renovation or construction of an apartment, because they have a big impact on the way the flat looks. That is why it is essential to pay close attention to this stage and hire appropriate professionals such as our painting company. We have had the chance to work in a variety of residential and commercial buildings, completing daring and spectacular projects for our clients. Our experience makes us the most suitable choice for the people in the area, which is why you should not hesitate when requesting our assistance. Our painting contractors from Sydney are amongst some of the most competent and reliable employees in the business. They will gladly and with great attention to detail carry out any tasks that you have planned for them. Contact us to arrange the details if you are interested in a cooperation.

We are experienced and skilful painting contractors from Sydney who always know what steps to take in order to provide our clients with high-end services. First, we need to choose the colour – your wishes are crucial in this matter, but if you need any advice concerning selecting the most appropriate shade for a given room, we are here to help you. Then, we pick the tools which are suitable for a particular surface.
After that, we secure all the furniture in the interior, we get rid of the dust and grease on the walls or ceiling, level any possible defects and do all the other preparations. Finally, we prime the surface and start the actual painting. We take care of every single detail, so that the final effect could be really stunning. Choosing our painting company from Sydney, you will not be disappointed for sure!


  1. Is the painting company licensed and insured?

    Vakker Autralia is a fully licensed and insured painting company from Sydney. We have many years of experience, which allowed us to gain recognition on the market. We employ only qualified and competent painting contractors to ensure the perfect quality of our services.

  2. How do your prices compare to other painting contractors?

    We offer competitive prices, however our clients have to remember that each commission varies greatly, therefore the costs may be subject to change.

  3. Do you provide a colour consulting service?

    Our accomplished painting contractors from Sydney offer advice concerning the selection of adequate materials and their colours. You have to pay for such an assistance, unless you employed us and already accepted the project evaluation. In that case we are going to provide you with consultations on the colours, but we will also prepare the samples measuring 1 m x 1 m for you all for free.

  4. What do I have to do in order to get ready for the painters?

    As a renowned painting company, we can help our clients with moving heavy furniture, such as beds, sofas and wardrobes. We are going to protect them and the floors from being damaged during our work. Your only task is to remove smaller items that prevent us from moving the equipment or reaching some of the surfaces.

  5. Why should I chose the painting contractors from Vakker?

    Choosing our services will give you the feeling of working with experienced professionals, who care about the effects of their work as much as you do. We make sure each stage of the process – starting from contacting the clients, through the project management is performed with effort and attention to details. We have an enormous love for our job, which is why we always keep up to date with all the new solutions and products. Our painting company is always going to answer all your questions and provide you with excellent customer service.

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