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Painting a house is an important part of preparing an apartment for use. Such works are one of the very last tasks carried out while renovating or building a house. Their results are typically the most visible, therefore it is crucial to make sure they are performed by a professional team, like our painters. Sydney and its suburbs are the main area of our operation. We have been providing services to individual and business clients alike for many years now. All of our qualified specialists have extensive experience and are employed on a full-time basis. We perform work on time, using the best machines and materials, making sure we are carrying out our client’s vision. The end results are always satisfactory, for which our painters have been repeatedly praised.

We work closely with our clients to ensure we are following their instructions and fulfilling their expectations. Each project is discussed in great detail, both when it comes to the scope of the services and the substances and materials used. We offer professional advice concerning colour selection and implementing the optimal techniques. We use reliable and, most importantly, certified products and are able to introduce a number of special effects and solutions both outdoors and indoors. Our painters are known in Sydney and the surrounding neighbourhoods for their dedication, carefulness and attention to detail. Our client’s happiness is of utmost importance for our company, therefore we provide them with honest services at reasonable prices.

Our painters from Sydney always thoroughly plan their work, so that they could provide you with a service of the highest standard. For a start, we must discuss the choice of the most suitable colour for a particular ceiling or walls. Your preferences are the most important here, but we can also provide you with our professional advice, if necessary. Next, we need to select the right tools for a given task – thanks to our knowledge and experience, it is not a hard decision.
We also conduct all the necessary preparations, like levelling the defects, removing the dust and grease, covering the furniture in the room with a protective foil and not only. When everything is ready, our painters can start the actual work. We are sure that you will love the final effect!


  1. What types of painting services do you provide?

    We cover commercial, industrial and residential painting, as well as cleaning services, always taking care of every single detail.

  2. How much will it cost for painting?

    Every work is different, so before we prepare the quote, we need to talk to the owner and see the place. The cost depends on many factors, such as the expected effort, an amount and type of materials, and the time required to finish the project. What is more, there is also a billing job option available – in this variant, a client pays for working hours and materials in accordance with a fixed price list.

  3. What do I have to do in order to get ready for the painters?

    Our painters from Sydney can move your heavy furniture, such as beds, sofas or wardrobes, without any additional charge. We will cover all the belongings and floors with special foil, so that they would not be damaged due to our works. All you have to do is just remove or secure the small objects, so that the furniture could be moved in order to reach the painting area.

  4. Which brands do you use for colouring?

    For both interior and exterior painting, we used only the paints made by trusted producers. Dulux is the brand we tend to choose most often, but we can also recommend other manufacturers, if necessary. For painting wardrobes or tiles, we may use Rostoleum and for roofs – Emer-Clad. We can work flexibly and we are willing to adapt to your needs and requirements, so feel free to ask about the preferred materials in your quote request!

  5. Do you provide a colour consulting service?

    Our qualified specialists will be glad to help you in choosing the best colours and the most optimal materials. Without any additional charge, can provide you with our professional advice, if you accept our painting quote. What is more, in this situation we also create free 1 m x 1 m samples.

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